Happy 2014 y'all! I am so grateful for the relationships and love that my hubs and I were surrounded with in 2013. I was so humbled by the support from our family and friends. They have inspired me to love and serve others better and it's all about taking advantage of the ample opportunities. We're moving into 2014 with joyful anticipation! Here's an instagram recap of 2013:

To start off the new year, I'm celebrating my new blog and website! I wouldn't have come this far if it weren't for my amazing hubs. He encourages me daily, he lifts me up when I'm doubtful, he believes in my skills and never let's me quit pursuing my dreams. And he's an awesome coder. This celebration, this blog, is possible because of him and countless others who have supported me. To them I owe my endless gratitude.

Some of my personal goals for the year include:

-support hubs in his last semester of college

-focus on deepening friendships

-encourage and celebrate others' passions

-dream bigger and have the courage to follow through

What are your goals? What inspires you? I'd love to hear about it!